Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What to Do if You Have a Gas Leak

As a homeowner, you’re likely already aware of the extensive harm and damage that can result from a gas leak. To ensure you react properly and in a timely manner to minimize risk, it’s best you learn what to do in the event you have or suspect you have a gas leak. Doing so can potentially save lives and your home.

Know the Signs

The first thing you should know is natural gas carries a smell like rotten eggs. You might also hear a hiss in your home, which could indicate a gas leak. In either case, you’ll want to determine the source of the smell or sound as soon as possible.

Take Action, if Necessary

Should you happen to spot sparks or flames, you’ll want to evacuate your home immediately to a safe distance and call 911. To clarify, a safe distance is at least across the street from your home. If there aren’t any flames or sparks, shut off the burners on your gas stove and any other gas appliances you might have.

Additional Scenarios

If your gas stove or appliance is off when you smell gas, do not turn on the lights. Doing so could cause a spark, which could lead to a fire or an explosion. Use a flashlight instead and open up the doors and windows to ventilate your home.

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