Friday, 4 March 2016

Different Types of Sewer Cleaning

Sewer problems are among the most unpleasant maintenance issues to deal with. To ensure your sewage lines run smoothly without stopping up, they should be cleaned when necessary. Depending on the nature of the drainage system, different types of cleaning may be required.

Clearing Blockages

Items accidentally flushed into the sewer system can clog up the works. A sewer auger, akin to a long plumber's snake, can be fed down the length of the pipe to dislodge blockages.

Washing Away Heavy Sediment

Silt and earth collects in outside drains. As the sediments build up, they can completely wall off a pipe. Gas-powered pressure washers force through powerful water streams to wash away accumulated mud.

Clearcutting Roots

Tree roots are a major source of sewer troubles. Feeler roots penetrate tiny cracks in the pipes, seeking the moisture and nutrients within. Once inside, the roots collect debris. In addition to an auger, professionals may use chemicals to kill the roots.

Removing Mineral Deposits

Crusts of mineral deposits sometimes form within pipes, especially those made of galvanized metals. Chemical solutions can be used to dissolve lime scale, or pressure washers can blast off the deposits.

If your drains are running slowly or gurgling, one or more of these problems may be affecting your sewage pipes. For the solution, see this website about sewer cleaning in Apex.

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  1. Cleaning and dealing with the sewer system is something that should not be taken lightly. I am thrilled that there are people out there willing to do so because the alternative could really be a mess. There is so much that can cause trouble with the sewers. I am happy they are being looked after well.