Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Things You Should Never Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are an important kitchen tool. They help homeowners dispose of leftover food without filling the garbage can with potentially smelly waste. There are several items, however, that you should never throw down the garbage disposal including:

• Fibrous foods
• Grease, fats and oils
• Non-food items

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods like celery, lettuce, corn husks and potato peels can all be hard on your garbage disposal. These types of foods can wrap around the blades and prevent the motor from operating properly. If you do put these items down the disposal be sure to run cold water before, during and after.

Grease, Fats and Oils

You should resist the urge to dump your leftover bacon grease down the garbage disposal. As grease, fats and oils cool they solidify. If you put them down the disposal, they can clog your drain.

Non-food Items

It’s easy for items to fall into your sink and down the garbage disposal. You should always check to make sure there is no silverware, washcloths, sponges, bottle caps or other non-food items in your garbage disposal before running it. These items can jam and even damage the blades and cause the motor to malfunction.

It’s important to keep your garbage disposal clear of all of these items to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes a broken disposal happens, however. For garbage disposal repair in Carmel, visit this website.

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